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如何加入 UU?

如果您認同 UU 的宗教自由主義精神及希望成為當中的一份子,我誠意邀請您報名加入 Church of the Larger Fellowship, Unitarian Universalists (UU 國際個人教會)。那教會服務世界各地找不到自由主義教會參與的孤獨宗教自由主義者。加入該會是您表達認同及支持宗教自由主義、幫助 UU 發展的重要行動。整個參加程序可於網上完成:http://uua.org/clf/join。成為正式會員需要捐款,但款額完全由您決定,很少也可以。我本人於一九九六年入會,以信用咭作網上定期捐獻,從未出現保安問題。她的月刊 Quest (《追尋》)有高質素的講道及文章,是我不可或缺的心靈食糧。
當然,如果您身在香,歡迎您參加香港的 UU 群體尋道會,雖然它尚未是一所教會。 

If you find yourself in agreement with and want to be part of the liberal religious movement of Unitarian Universalism, I invite you to strengthen your relationship with the liberal religious community by joining the Church of the Larger Fellowship, Unitarian Universalists (CLF, UU), the organisation serving isolated religious liberals all over the world who cannot find a liberal church to attend.
To know the implications or responsibilities of the act of joining, the pamphlet "Becoming a Member" (www.uua.org/pamphlet/3003.html) says it very well.  Please pay particular attention to the following passages:
"Your signature is your affirming symbol of commitment to an open-minded, inclusive, reasoned, seasoned, compassionate and contemporary approach to life."
"Joining a church such as ours means essentially three things:
1. You are in fundamental sympathy with the principles of freedom and reason in religion and life. This is the basis for our creedless church.
2. You commit yourself to the importance of an organized religious fellowship. Ideas and ideals must have a vehicle, and embodiment in the world. People who think and work together for the values in which they believe have a better chance of achieving them than people who do not.
3. You accept the responsibilities that go with membership in any human community. Within the limits of your ability and in line with your personal choice, you are ready to give energy, time, money, and best thought to the furthering of the ideas you prize."

On the practical level, the only obligation you have when you join CLF is to give yearly donations, the amount being determined by yourself; you can start with a very small amount.
I have joined CLF since 1996. The monthly periodical Quest contains high quality sermons which never fail to feed my liberal spiritual needs.
The whole joining process can be completed online at www.uua.org/clf/join .  I used my credit card for setting up regular donation payments online without encountering any security problem.
Please let me know if you have joined, I will be very pleased to know that!
For residents of Hong Kong, you may also visit our very welcoming local Unitarian Universalist group, the Spiritual Seekers Society, although it is not a ful congregation at present.
For queries, please feel free to contact me by the methods given in the page Contact Us.

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